Spex Musica

Ladies & Gentlemen: the Spex Orchestras of 1996 & 1997!

[Musicanti di Venezia Con Molto Grappa 1996]

Musicanti di Venezia con Molto Grappa 1996

Top: Maria, Naukkis, Tomi, Perttu, Johanna, Aapo.
Middle: Enna, Mari.
Bottom: Sune, Kride, Jussi

The Astral Spexharmonic Orchestra 1997
The Crew, approximately from left to right & downwards:

2nd Violator: Maria
Keys & Egg Commander: Naukkis
Violargeant: Outi
Percussion Officer: Jussi
Bass Bomber: Pasi
Brass-in-Sleeves: Minna
2nd Feedback Clarinette: Johanna
HF Sax Officer: Pekka
Brass-in-Chief: Jarno
UHF Flutenant: Sune
1st Feedback Clarinette: Mari
Cello & Mosh Engineer: Aapo
1st Violator: Aura
LF Sax & Captain: Tristan
6-String Gunner, XO: Perza