Free Rocket Simulation Program - changelog / 10.12.2006

Added Hypertek Hybrid 1685cc 125-L350 and 2800cc 172-L540 engines. / 6.11.2006

Added Hypertek Hybrid 440cc 076-J115, 098-J170 and 125-J250 engines.

More elegant data structure for motors thurst information. / 3.10.2004

Added Aerotech D24-7T motor.

Fixed a bug in displaying all possible motors.

Fixed a bug with 'Altitude at ejection', if ejection was later than at max altitude. / 6.7.2003

Accurate atmospheric density.

Fixed a bug in in motor indexing: motor code SF_B gave SF_A's thrust profile, etc.

Check, that altitude & velocity is 0, if altitude <= 0. / 15.6.2003

Accurate empty mass of SF D -motor.

Ability to export simulation steps to a file.

Minor code readability improvements.

README / 26.5.2003

First version.